Is your practice growing resulting in more phone calls and email inquiries than you can handle? This is a GREAT problem to have! However, I bet it’s become more overwhelming, too… am I right?

Imagine this, you’ve just wrapped up a full day of seeing clients and are mentally and emotionally spent, you don’t have the time or extra energy left to return all those calls and emails that came in throughout the day.

You want to be more responsive. You want to be able to help the people who have sought out your practice and have had the courage to reach out. You understand how important it is that they receive a response in a timely manner or they will have likely moved on and scheduled an appointment with the first therapist to get back to them. 

You’ve thought about outsourcing your intake coordinator role, but it’s tough to give up that control and find someone you can trust, I get it! But, let’s go back to how tired and stressed you are after a day of the amazing work you do connecting with your clients and giving them quality guidance. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could end your day knowing that all of your incoming inquiries have been handled already? Each phone call has been answered or returned. Each email has been responded to. New dream clients are showing up on your practice schedule. And, the best part? You’ve got some of your valuable time back! 

Well, friend, you’re in the right place!


With The Dakota Assist, intake coordination is a breeze.

We will:

  • Track and manage all incoming emails and phone calls 
  • Set up and schedule new clients in your EHR
  • Send intake documents to new clients and follow up to ensure they are completed before the first appointment
  • Respond to current client requests for rescheduling
  • Send appointment confirmations and out of office reminders 
  • Create and update waiting and referral lists
  • Calculate monthly conversion rates 
  • Update weekly or monthly key performance indicators (KPIs)

Tori’s involvement with my practice has been nothing short of amazing.

She is highly organized and not only created new systems but streamlined old ones to make our intake process seamless.

Clients have spoken highly about her professionalism, responsiveness, and help. My associates have been so grateful for her communication and support.

I have also asked her to take on a few other additional roles which have made my life immensely easier. I am so glad that I found her and hope to continue to have her a part of our team for a long time.

Katelyn Alcamo, MS, LCMFT

Executive Director at Family Therapy Center of Bethesda

At The Dakota Assist we also have a dedicated mental health billing and coding specialist on our team that can:

  • Verify mental health insurance benefits  
  • Obtain prior authorizations if needed 
  • Handle all claims filing and rejections
  • Run insurance aging detail reports 
  • Post electronic remittance advice (ERAs) and explanation of benefits (EOBs)
  • Verify daily co-pays collected vs. appointments completed 
  • Send monthly invoices, statements, or superbills to clients  
  • Update credit card information 
  • Follow up on unpaid client sessions
  • Assist with insurance panel credentialing 

Emma provided unbelievable billing support for our practice! 

Her communication skills, organization, and attention to detail are second to none. Our collections were greater than 98 percent for our pediatric practice!

Phil F. Icard, Ph.D., CRC, ABPP-CN

Child and Adolescent Neuropsychologist, Solutions of Hickory, PA


Our virtual mental health billing assistant can manage insurance billing, self-pay billing, and collecting copays, as well as troubleshooting for unpaid claims and so much more!

Package pricing is available according to practice volume and needs.

Those business tasks that exhaust and overwhelm you? We love them! Let us take these off your plate and you can get back to focusing on your clients… and maybe even take a long lunch.

The Dakota Assist offers a range of general administrative support services to help take other tasks off your plate to free you up to do things only you can do! All practices have repetitive tasks that need to be taken care of on a regular basis. If you’re looking to outsource – this is a great starting point!

Let us help you with:

  • Sending weekly reports to you/your team with outstanding client balances 
  • Sending weekly reports to you/your team for missing or unlocked notes 
  • Assisting with client turnover, i.e. when a therapist leaves your practice 
  • Helping to screen and onboard new hires for group practices 
  • Calculating and entering payroll information 
  • Checking with insurance companies about paneling status 
  • Being a sounding board for your practice and management ideas 
  • Making suggestions to streamline or improve your practice 
  • And so much more!

I didn’t realize how much I was doing until I stopped doing it. Tori has helped transform my business.

There has been nothing that I’ve thrown at Tori that she hasn’t gracefully handled. Tori has helped streamline and take over the intake process, timesheets, and various other administrative tasks that I didn’t realize were taking up so much of my time and energy until I handed them over to her. She has provided administrative coverage during my maternity leave and helped improve tracking practice metrics.

Most importantly for me, Tori has gently and honestly told me when she thinks an idea I have for the practice isn’t a good fit. Overall, Tori’s attention to detail and follow-through make her an incredibly valuable asset to keeping my practice running smoothly. She not only dove right into the deep end of my practice, but she also did so with apparent ease.

Charlotte Blutstein, LPC

Founder of Rock Creek Therapy

Your website and social media branding reflect your practice’s values and voice.

If those aren’t aligned, you won’t attract the clients you dream of working with. Let your website and social media do the work for you

Here at The Dakota Assist, not only do we help you with your intake coordination and administrative duties we can also take those, often time-consuming, digital marketing tasks off your plate as well!

Solid digital marketing will help your ideal clients find you easier, show how your practice can help, tell potential clients how to get in touch, establish your practice as the community expert, offer resources that really help people, and so much more.

We can help you with:

Social Media Management

  • Setting up new accounts
  • Auditing & updating profiles for existing accounts 
  • Creating cohesive graphics/branding for all accounts
  • Creating original tailor-made content 
  • Curating a custom Hashtag Library for your industry/niche 
  • Set up and implementation of social scheduling tools
  • Lead generation and engagement with your audience

Email Marketing

Using the StoryBrand framework, The Dakota Assist can help you:

  • Create fresh and unique email campaigns to guide potential new clients to your practice
  • Send weekly, monthly, or quarterly newsletters to help you stay in touch with your current clients and referral network 

Website Refresh and Updates

Your website design directly impacts how clients view your practice and their desire to work with you. Don’t miss out on dream clients because your website is outdated or nonexistent.

We help therapists with custom designs, rebuilds, and monthly maintenance.

If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing, responsive, user-friendly website – we’re your team.

Let’s work together to elevate your brand and stand out from the crowd!

Pricing depends on the size of your website:

  • Basic – 2 pages
  • Standard – 5 pages
  • Business – 10 pages

I have used Tori to assist with my social media management, and have been very pleased! She communicates clearly, produces phenomenal results, and always completes the work on schedule.

I trust Tori 100%. She has amazing integrity, attention to detail and she treats my business as if it was her own.

Thank you Tori for your impeccable services and smile.

Fran Rubio-Katz

Parenting Coach | Non-ABA Behavior Consultant | Social-Emotional Learning Specialist

Custom curated packages to fit YOUR specific needs.

You don’t have to do it all and you don’t have to do it alone. ​

Let us help you tackle your to-do list and take your business from overwhelmed to joyful. 



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